Patient Testimonials

Our Woodstock, GA patients speak out on their chiropractic success with Dr. O'Brien and O'Brien Family Chiropractic!

Amanda K.
Staff MemberDr. O'Brien kept me in line! Not only does he listen to how you are feeling and provide feedback to help you with your adjustment, but is super knowledgeable too!
Brooke M.
Staff Member
Dr. Chris takes care of my whole family. He is fantastic with children. If you have a child who is shy or apprehensive about getting adjusted, he will put them at ease in no time and they'll be leaving with a smile. ?
Brett N.
Staff Member
There’s a reason I always see other Chiropractors in his office when I get adjusted…..because he’s the best. Trust this soul. Love ya Dr. Chris!
Dr. BN
Lisa B.
Staff Member
Dr. Chris is the gentlest chiropractor. It sounds like a contradiction, because a lot of chiropractors can be rough (as you may have experienced somewhere else). I highly recommend Dr. Chris for a gentle adjustment!
Mallory M.
Staff Member
Dr. Chris is the best! He is full of life and brings a smile to your face. But most importantly, his adjustments are wonderful. You can tell he loves helping others and cares about his patients. Highly recommend for anyone needing a chiropractor in the area. Added bonus: Ivy is also really cute and greets everyone ? and enjoys the occasional hand lick while you’re on the table ??
Ken L.
Staff Member
I suffered from muscle spasms between my shoulder blades for years. Numerous massages were not helping. The massage therapist assured me it was just normal to have those hard spasm knots in my back. 3 visits and gone was the hurting and the knots. I keep coming for maintenance actually don’t think I will ever stop going. After several months of 2-3 times a week I keep finding the hard work keep taking my body out of adjustment. Chris is there for me to get quickly back on track.